NanoGUARD Total Solution Package
NanoGUARD Total Solution Package provide detail treatment to you paintwork to create a rock solid protection layer on your paint surface. After the treatment, all you need to do to maintain ultimate gloss & protection is to clean your car weekly with Nano365.

Maintaining a long lasting gloss and protection has never been easier!
Services included in the package
  • Wash the car.
  • Remove existing paint problems like swirl marks, water marks and light scratches.
  • Use clay bar to remove particles on paint surface when necessary.
  • Buff the car to perfect the paint surface.
  • Apply NanoONE to paint surface.
  • Buffing to  reveal unparallel shine.
  • Apply tyre shine.
  • Interior Cleaning.
  • Interior Vacuum.
  • Measure Shine with advance Gloss Meter.
  • Record Gloss Reading on NanoCARD.
Maintenance Kit given to you at the end of the services
  • NanoGLOSS - To be applied at least once a month to your car. It can also be used to remove stubborn road dirt and restore original shine.
  • NanoWASH - To be used for your regular car wash.
  • Micro Fiber Towel - To be used during car wash and maintenance.
  • NanoCARD - The All Purpose Card which is Warranty card, Membership Card and Privillege Card in one.
Category Price Examples
Small Car $280 Aveo Hatchback, Beetle, C4 Hatchback, Colt, Focus Hatchback, Getz, Jazz, March, Mazda 2, Mini Cooper, Mitsubishi i, Picanto, Polo, QQ, Rio Hatchback, Spark, Subaru R1/R2, Swift, Yaris
Medium Car $320 350Z, Astra, Audi A3/A4, Avante, Aveo Sedan, BMW 3 Series, Celica, Cerato,  Civic, Colt Plus, Corolla, Cruze, Focus Sedan, Golf, Impreza, Integra, Lancer, Laser, Latio, Liana, Matrix, Mazda 3, Megane, Mercedes A/B Class, Optra, Rio Sedan, Rush, RX-7, Sunny, Sylphy, Tuscani, Verna, Vios, Volve S40
Large Car $380 Accord, Airwave, Airtrek, APV, Audi A6, BMW 5/6 Series, C4 Picasso, C5, Camry, Caren, Cefiro, Edix, Isis, Lafesta, Legacy, Lexus ES300, Mazda 5/6, Mercedes C Class, Modeo, Passat, Picnic, Rav4, Scenic, Sonata, Sportage, Stream, Tucson, Vitara, Volvo S60, Wish
Luxury, SUV and MPV $460 Azera, BMW 7/X Series, Carnival, Forester, Fortuner, Grand Scenic, Grand Vitara, Grandis, Harrier, Lexus EX300, Mazda MPV, Mercedes E/M Class, Murano, Odyssey, Outlander, Presage, Previa, Santa Fe, Sorento, Trajet, Volvo S80/XC90, X-Trial

New Car Promotion:
Car less than 1 month old enjoy 20% discount.
Car less than 3 month old enjoy 10% discount.

We classify car category by physical size, which translate directly to effort and material needed to treat the car. We tried to list the most common models here for your easy reference. If your car model is not listed, please contact us to enquire for the category your car belongs to.

* On-site service now available.


Maintenance Service

  • Service available for cars done with NanoGUARD treatment only.
  • We will wash your car thoroughly.
  • Remove paint problems like swirl marks, water marks and light scratches.
  • Use clay bar to remove particles on paint surface when necessary.
  • Apply additional layer of NanoONE to paint surface.
  • Price is $50 for small car; $60 for Medium car; $70 for Large car; $80 for SUV/MPV/Luxury car.